We create products and raw materials with a sustainable focus  

Transforming resources into new products

In AlEn we work for a cleaner and more sustainable world , we offer solutions practices and innovative cleaning and produce raw materials and industrial products of high quality.


La innovación es la base para seguir brindándote soluciones prácticas de limpieza que a su vez sean responsables con el medio ambiente.
Pinol, leading brand, reliable and innovative, capable of facing any cleaning challenge due to its powerful pine oil formula, becoming an unconditional ally in home cleaning, besides being the only cleaner with more than 1,000 proven uses.
Cloralex, ally in home cleaning, business and institutions, has been present in natural disasters and has been a support in preventing infectious diseases providing trust, safety, and wellness.
Ensueño, vegetable origin softener with fragrances that remain with you during the day providing you a feeling of freshness and care at any time.
Flash, practical option for those who seen a cleanser with versatile and fresh aromas. An ally in home cleaning, due to its multi-purpose formula with the best aromas. In addition, the cleaning tablets release aroma without being in contact with water leaving aromas in spaces and toilets.
EFICAZ is the only dishwasher with Acti Sense Technology which activates your senses through its delicious scents. We invite you to discover that washing dishes is not the same, live your #MomentoEficaz.
Blancatel, a brand that cares about delivering quality at a fair price, offers cleaning, whitening, and disinfection solutions for laundry care and surface cleaning through its different presentations.
Sultán, Muriatic Acid is your most powerful ally against tough challenges in your home, with its powerful formula eliminates 99.9% of the germs and returns shine to your floors. You can also use it to remove plaque and rust in your toilets, sinks and tiles. Remember to read the label before using Sultán.
Cloraluz, chlorine offering whiteness, cleaning, and disinfecting for your family. Whitens white clothes eliminating stains and preventing tarnishing, cleans and disinfects home surfaces and eliminates bad odors.


Producimos y proveemos productos naturales, químicos y plástico a los mercados industriales.

Pellet de PEAD

Obtenido a partir de reciclado de botellas de post-consumo. Este material es económico, resistente y proporciona una buena barrera contra la humedad.


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